Suzu-shiSuzu-shi (SUZU CITY) Flower of city: Camellia
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Okunoto international art festival
▲Okunoto international art festival 2017

The 17th Japan talent scout jamboree
▲The 17th Japan talent scout jamboree

Cold wave leak of water reduction of taxes
▲Reduction of taxes of water supply, sewer rate

It is for public information bell WEB publicly
▲We send information of Suzu

Hometown tax
▲By your power Suzu in spirit!

SDGs city of the future
▲We were chosen by "SDGs city of the future"!

Platinum city recognition system
▲We won grand prix, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications commendation!
Basic Resident Register population
(as of September 30, 2018)
The number of the households 6,183 households
Population 14,470 people
Man 6,674 people
Woman 7,796 people
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The welfare, careDisease and disasterHouse and environment
The furtherance various toward the citizen and introduction of support systemThe furtherance and support various toward the company, introduction of other systems
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One piece of season
suzuzukapafomansu Rinne

In suzuzuka (old Iizuka nursery school)
Performance "Rinne suzuzuka ver."

Bell life
List of bell LIFE videos is this
▲Person who wants to live in Suzu must see it
Suzu work navigator

▲Job hunting of Suzu is this!

Bell sightseeing navigator net
▲Let's go to Okunoto Suzu! Sightseeing information
The Noto Airport use furtherance

▲To person using village forest Airport of this!
Light Chirico Festival ... of peninsula Noto - enthusiasm to dance
▲We were authorized to inheritance of Japan in 2015
We introduce Chirico Festival of Noto!
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