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Exchange grant of Okunoto Suzu


Exchange residence support grant of Okunoto Suzu

This grant uses the accommodations in Suzu-shi to plan expansion of number of visitors/exchange population of Motoichi,
We issue for group of students staying in Suzu-shi more than a fixed period of time.

 Downloading of flyer from this (1,106 kbytes)pdf

Target person

 We intend for group of (we assume the number except leader of teachers) more than five people who stayed at the accommodations (list shown below) in the city in primary schoolchild, junior high student, high school student and university students (including graduate student, technical school life and junior college student).

 The city accommodations  
 Suzu beach hotel
 Kokumin-shukusha Notojiso
 Kinoura sightseeing exchange base facility
(it is with half board and is limited)   
 Guest house
 Farmhouse guest house

Target requirements

 We do that it is group which assumes the Suzu suburbs stronghold of activity or center or group comprised of person having address outside Suzu-shi with target requirements. But applicable thing is excluded next.
(1) Thing which received other furtherance from Suzu-shi or planned thing (but it is not this limit about grant based on tourist subsidization summary for Noto, Suzu-shi Airport utilization promotion) to receive
(2) Activity staying in Suzu-shi is political, religiously or is thing for the purpose of profit

Sum of grant

 We do accommodation targeted for the furtherance more than ten continuations stay in group of primary, middle, high schools and college or university students.

 ※Person stay means the number of the total of to multiply number of nights by the number of students who stayed, and to be provided.

Target person 
Around one, the night 
The ceiling in 1 group 
Primary schoolchild, junior high student, high school student 
1,000 yen 
1 million yen 
University student 
1,500 yen 
1 million yen 


 Among (leader) such as teachers to lead, the number of people to be targeted for grant of grant is street of list shown below. 

The number of students 
The number of leaders 
Primary schoolchild

Junior high student

High school student 

Less than ten people 


It is less than 15 more than ten people 

Two people 

It is less than 20 more than 15 people 

Three people 

It is less than 25 more than 20 people 

Four people 

It is less than 30 more than 25 people 

Five people 

More than 30 people 

Six people 

University student 

Less than 20 people 


It is less than 30 more than 20 people 

Two people 

It is less than 40 more than 30 people 

Three people 

More than 40 people 

Four people 


Application method of subsidization

Please submit application to sightseeing exchange section within 14 days from  day of the end for duration of stay.
 Downloading of application results report from this (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format: 103KB)



※Attached documents which are necessary in the case of application, report
(1) Participant list (thing which the number of students and the number of leaders were listed in)
(2) Copy of receipt of published by city use accommodations (thing which listed breakdown of the number of child, student, the students and the number of the leaders)
(3) Conduct summaries (schedules)
(4) Photograph which activity contents in the city understand and group photo (2-3 points)




Request of grant

 Copy of bill and bankbook of transferPlease submit this to sightseeing exchange section.
 Downloading of bill from this (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format: 75KB)

 ※ Copy of page where financial institution name, supporting store's name, account classification (normal, the immediate crisis), account number, account holder of a title deed are listed in.

When you  submit bill, after basket confirmation that contents are filled in definitely by all means, please submit.


Exchange support subsidization summary

 Downloading of exchange support subsidization summary of Okunoto Suzu from this (209 kbytes)pdf

 Tourism & Exchange Section, Suzu Government Office
 TEL 0768-82-7776
 FAX 0768-82-5220
 E-mail address

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