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Introduction to Suzu

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Introduction to Suzu

We find

Update day: January 20, 2015

We find fairy of Mitsukejima ♪ Of Suzu-shi is used to be crowded if is good♪

  • "We find" mascot of Suzu-shi 
  • We find 
  • We find 
  • We find 
  • You make coloring, and play♪

"We find" of mascot of Suzu-shi was born☆
We find place, person, thing that the whole country can be proud of mitsuketarouha, Suzu and are fairy of Mitsukejima to publicize.
"We are used to be crowded if good of Suzu-shi"
Please love, everybody♪

About the borrowing

We coordinate schedule in mitsuketarouha, sightseeing exchange section.
When you can utilize, we can offer to events to publicize Suzu-shi toward the unspecified number of the general public. Please consult once.
Please submit attached application to sightseeing exchange section.
★★When you want to do image, please apply equally.★★

Birthday November 7, 2011
Contact information Sightseeing in Suzu-shi exchange section
TEL 0768-82-7776
The name We find
Object Fairy of Mitsukejima
mitsuketarouno parts Hand: Large-grained variety of the adzuki bean foot: Flower of Ohama soybean head: Flower "camellia" of city body: Diatomaceous earth

37.435885, 137.259579

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