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Introduction to Suzu

Suzu People

Suzu People

Update day: June 27, 2016
Chou-ichirou Ono (大野 長一郎)

It was included in different work at one time, but came to perform charcoal making that father performed on the way. Having four charcoal kilns, Suzu charcoal production cooperation ealdorman burning charcoal in whole year is working young charcoal making craftsman now.

Satoshi Nishiyama (西山 郷史)

In former Suzu firing museum directors, it is the Sanomune Otani group Masaru Nishi temple chief priest now. Meeting's vice-chairperson of kanominzoku. Which "worship Chirico of Okunoto" in book with "climate of Noto nokuni - peninsula about folk of Noto including "at every history -" "Japanese folk collection Hokuriku edition (2)" Noto country thirty-three different types of the Goddess of Mercy" continue studying.

Ryoichi Toya (登谷 良一)

After being dispatched in Shiota village by local company, and having learned the making of salt from the beginning, we left company, and the making of salt was assumed occupation. We are authorized as "artisan made with salt" in "artisans with oldness" of Ishikawa now and perform developing instruction.

Junichi Yamagishi (山岸 順一)

After resigning from teacher of school, we come to help with the making of salt, and leadership that we cultivated as wagon master now for the teacher era is shown. It is charm that story is plain.

Eiichi Konishi (小西 栄一)

Konishi who instructed the making of Suzu firing commencing with ceramic art by self-education for many years in Suzu-shi ceramic art center from 1989 from 1976. From 2005, it is devoted to making earthenware activity. Even the making of precise work has a good reputation.

Teruhiko Tanino (谷野 輝彦)

Tanino who is son of a wealthy man of well-established inn of Suzu-shi Iida. We launched diving business to have guest enjoy Suzu more. He/she leads to the offing of urakaikishi of tree and the sea of cove side.

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