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About this homepage

Update day: June 28, 2016

Sightseeing in Suzu-shi site (the following, "our site") is website where we placed the highlight and event, special product of Suzu-shi, information about sightseeing of Suzu-shi including access in.

Plug in to read some contents

In some contents on homepage, we publish PDF file or WMV file (picture data). The following plug in (free) is necessary to read them, and to print.

Downloading method of Adobe Reader


We click Adobe Reader downloading icon and go to homepage of Adobe company. Please click downloading of Adobe Reader. According to step of download page, you choose Adobe Reader appropriate for environment of PC which you use, and please download.
After downloading, installation is necessary.

Downloading method of Windows Medea Player

Windows Medea Player

It is necessary for "Windows Medea Player" to be installed in PC of use to see video of picture library. You download player suitable for environment of use and install, and please set up. We can download player for Macintosh for Windows from the left button gratis each.

About use environment to see this homepage

In our site, we use JavaScript in plural pages. When setting of JavaScript becomes invalid by browser of errand in some pages, information in page is not displayed normally and may not work normally.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but we validate JavaScript function, and please see.

About warning message of inquiry page

We introduce cryptographic technology of communication called SSL (secure socket layer) to perform communication using the Internet safely in inquiry page and plan securing of privacy of user.
Therefore warning message, "security certificate of this Web site has a problem" when we were connected to page may be given.

When we start communication by SSL, this warning is displayed because browser is going to confirm whether server to use is genuine. It is displayed saying "this certificate has a problem.", but this is because this is not initialized by browsers such as Internet Explorer where Certificate Authority for exclusive use of local public entity called "LGPKI" which this system uses is distributed to now.

Makeshift coding communication is started by clicking with warning screen "yes".
However, we obtain "safe certificate to communicate" (self-signature certificate) that the method mentioned above is not complete and performs confirmation and coding of connection more safely, and it is necessary to perform embodiment to browser of errand.

About the details of LGPKI, please see homepage ( of LGPKI.

Installation of LGPKI Root Certificate

In the case of InternetExplorer

  • Installation of Root Certificate of LGPKI is carried out automatically when we access the page concerned in the case of the use by the OS after Windows XP.
  • Installation of Root Certificate of LGPKI is carried out automatically when we access the page concerned in InternetExplorer after having installed Root Certificate update program in the case of the use in Windows 2000.

In the case of Firefox

  • We open page of "self-signature certificate in LGPKI" of local public entity organization certification base (LGPKI).
  • We click "self-signature certificate downloading of application CA (second generation) in LGPKI" in page and download file.
  • "Tool" chooses menu among tool bar of Firefox in order of "option".
  • We choose "the details" of optional screen.
  • We choose coding tab and click "indication button by certificate".
  • We choose "Certificate Authority certificate" of certificate manager screen tab and click "import" button.
  • As choice screen of file is displayed, we choose file which we downloaded and click "opening" button.
  • We check for "self-signature certificate downloading of application CA (second generation) in LGPKI" in import screen of certificate and click "OK" button.
  • In following screen, we click "OK" button.

In the case of Opera

  • Pop up "that signer of certificate was not caught" in when we open inquiry page is displayed.
  • In state that chose domain ( reading, we click "installation" button.
  • Popup "does trust this publisher?" clicks indication saremasudeno, "OK".
  • Installation is started automatically, and inquiry page opens.

Copyright Policy

Copyright about published image, sentence belongs to Suzu-shi without special declining. We forbid to reprint without permission entirely.
Copyright of individual information (including letter, photograph, illustration) published in our site subsists in Suzu-shi. We come by reproduction, quotation, reproduction by exhibiting the source as approved act in Copyright Act such as reproduction or quotation for private use when we reprint contents of our site and publish. When you use, please report so until this site management charge (sightseeing exchange section).

Link policy

Link to our site is free in principle. Prior communication is not necessary, but please inform of URL of the link cause until this site management charge (sightseeing exchange section) when you link. Please refrain from displaying our site in frame of origin of link.
Please note that contents of homepage of origin of link may ask cases against laws and ordinances and public order and morals for deletion of link.

  1. When it is against laws and ordinances and public order and morals
  2. When we may damage third party
  3. When we may let you damage Motoichi or lose trust of Motoichi

Contents of site that third party except Suzu-shi linking to from site or our site manages are not under management of Suzu-shi. Suzu-shi does not take responsibility about any damage that we occurred by having used them.

Privacy Policy

Range of collection and the use of personal information

Any information about you does not have to disclose on using our site. It is available as anonymity.
But, about opinion, request by email, we ask for offers of full name or e-mail address. As for all personal information that had you provide, third party does not have that we perform exhibitions without agreement of the person entirely.

We use for count, analysis for conduct, plan, quality improvement of grasp of the use situation of website operation and service and do collected information, and, as for what we use other than it, there are none at all.

Record with our site server

Our site server records IP address of computer which we are using automatically, but this does not identify individual.
We can use as anonymity unless we offer personal information by oneself.

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