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The Noto Airport use furtherance

Rent-a-car user accommodation subsidy program

Subsidy program

Rent-a-car user accommodation subsidy program

Update day: April 1, 2017
We support a part of the accommodation price to person who stayed at the accommodations in Suzu-shi by use of "rent-a-car user accommodation subsidy program" rent-a-car.

1. We borrow rent-a-car

We borrow rent-a-car

We convey that we stay in Suzu-shi at car rental agency window in in Ishikawa or Toyama, and let's receive grant of furtherance ticket. One loanee listed in rent-a-car kashitokeiyakusho (kashitosho) is targeted for the furtherance. (because of one target rent-a-car concerned, we issue one piece of furtherance ticket.)

It is limited to Ishikawa, association of Toyama rent-a-car participation shop

Rent-a-car contract that loanee is corporation becomes outside furtherance object

2. Check-in


Drive is most suitable for sightseeing of Noto Peninsula!
After having enjoyed sightseeing, we show furtherance ticket at the front desk of staying accommodation in Suzu-shi.

※For confirmation of contract contents, please show kashitokeiyakusho (kashitosho) in addition

3. We support a part of the accommodation price

We support a part of the accommodation price

The amount of furtherance of 3,000 yen per night is deducted from the accommodation price.

※Room without meals is excluded.

Procedure after having traveled is not necessary.
We return rent-a-car afterward.

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