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Update day: June 14, 2018

Illustration map

Suzu illustration map

Suzu illustration map

We publish restaurant, the accommodations of Suzu-shi, various spots including special product.
When you come to sightseeing, please inflect.

Suzu illustration map 

SUZU Illustrated Map

This map shows Suzu's various restaurants, lodging options, and specialty goods.
Please feel free to take full advantage of this map when you visit.

Salt brochure of Suzu

Noto Peninsula advanced Suzu removed piece type salt manufacture

Noto Peninsula advanced Suzu removed piece type salt manufacture

We publish the skill or saltworks, experience of salt manufacture that we were informed without a break today for approximately 500 years.
When you come to sightseeing, please inflect.

General brochure

SUZU_MEGURI_ Suzu-shi, Ishikawa tour guide

SUZU MEGURI_ Suzu-shi, Ishikawa tour guide

We publish various features including nature, tourist attraction, meal, traditional arts of Suzu-shi.
When you come to sightseeing, please inflect.

※We can download according to individual pages. Please refer to the following.

Downloading according to page


1-2 pages

Publication contents: Introduction
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3-4 pages

Publication contents: Location (Location)
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5-6 pages

Publication contents: Festival (Festivals)
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7-8 pages

Publication contents: Meal (Food)
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 Experience-based & road station

9-10 pages

Publication contents: Experience-based & road station (Experiences)
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 The history, culture, special product of Suzu

11-12 pages

Publication contents: The history, culture, special product (History & Local Specialities) of Suzu
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 Topics, event

13-14 pages

Publication contents: Topics, event (History & Local Specialities)
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15-16 pages

Publication contents: Spot (Spot)
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 Map, guidance

17-18 pages

Publication contents: Suzu whole view map, guidance of the accommodations, various supporting systems (Map & Information)
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Japanese inheritance "light Chirico Festival ~ of peninsula Noto - enthusiasm to dance"

It is brochure made in inheritance charm dispatch promotion business of Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan in 2015.


Horyu Star Festival Chirico Festival (every year August 7)

This festival to be held at the Mitsuke shore is heroic festival to represent Chirico festival of Noto. Of 14m that was carried on their shoulder by approximately 100 youths while gong and drum were rung Chirico aims at torch of the offing very much, and dance boisterously in the whole sea.
PDF downloading (3,836 kbytes)pdf

Horyu _eng

Houryu Tanabata Kriko Festival : August 7 (Annually)

Amid the sound of gongs and taiko drums, 14-meter high kiriko lanterns are carried towards burning torches offshore for awild dance in the sea.
Download PDF (3,748 kbytes)pdf

 Takoshima _jap

Takoshima Chirico Festival (every year September 10, 11th)

Takoshima Chirico Festival of Okunoto Suzu is autumn festival of kokurahikoshinsha with the history of 200 rest of life, and Chirico whom luxurious sculpture was put for by total lacquering is said to be beautiful conspicuously among Chirico of Noto. Ferry boat Noh comedy (prefecture designated immaterial folk cultural assets) to be carried out on the night of 11th is noted product of festival with valuable thing conveying bloom of Edo culture.
PDF downloading (4,201 kbytes)pdf

 Takoshima _eng

Takojima Kiriko Festival : Sep 10 & 11 (Annually)

This autum festival held at takakurahiko Shrine has a history of over 200 years. The magnificently carved and lacquered kiriko lanterns of this festival are particularly beautiful even compared with other kirikos in the Noto region. The highlight of the Hayabune Kyougen play performed on the night of the 11th, which demonstrates the beauty of Edo period cultrue.
Download PDF (4,115 kbytes)pdf

 Servant of a Buddhist temple _jap

Servant of a Buddhist temple Chirico Festival (second Saturday of every year September)

It is autumn festival of Suzu Temple in Okunoto Misakimachijike, Suzu-shi. The Japan's biggest Chirico appears for this autumn festival, and, as for approximately 12 tatami, maximum thing has 16.5m in height, 4t in weight, size of roof. In addition to size, it is luxurious, beautiful Chirico decorated in gold leaf and carving by total lacquering. Night Chirico is beautiful, but, as for background and Chirico who did, it is sight by morning glow to go round all through the night in the town, and to follow until early in the morning.
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 Servant of a Buddhist temple _eng

Jike Kiriko Festival : 2nd Sat in Sep (Annually)

Suzu Shrine's autumn festival features Japan's largest kiriko lanterns. The tallest lanterns is 16.5m high, weighs 4 tons and has a 20 square meters roof.
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