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Recommended Courses

Recommended Courses

Recommended Courses

Update day: August 17, 2017

Hand-on experience-based tourist course

Make your trip to Suzu even more richer through hand-on experience.

Recommendations: People who want to enjoy hand-on experience.
Required Time: 1 Day

Suzu enjoyment course

This is course go around various recommended spots which shows Suzu in all its colors and charm.

Recommendations: We recommend it to people who wants to go round the tourist attractions of Suzu
Required Time: 1 Day

Historic landmark visit course

~Legendary and Romantic Village~There are many interesting historic sites in Suzu. Go back in time by visiting the historic sites.

Recommendations: People who want to know about the history of Suzu
Required Time: Half day

Nature landscape enjoyment course

Enjoy fully the sea of Noto with its a rich expression of splendid and powerful Sotoura and its calm and gentle Uchiura.

Recommendations: People who wants to enjoy nature
Required Time: Half day

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