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Update day: October 19, 2018
Inheritance authorization "light Chirico Festival in Japan of peninsula Noto enthusiasm to dance"

When September begins, is finally public performance festival season.
Commencing with Chirico Festival of Suzu, Chirico Festival of the Noto district of Ishikawa (Nanao-shi, Wajima-shi, Shika-machi, Anamizu-machi, Noto-cho) was authorized to inheritance of Japan this year!
In addition, in last year, is "the 19th oldness and event award" than regional activation center; "autumn festival and "yobare" of Okunoto Suzu win the highest award (Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications commendation).

Horyu Star Festival Chirico Festival

This festival to be held at the Mitsuke shore is heroic festival to represent Chirico festival of Noto. Of 14m that was carried on their shoulder by approximately 100 youths while gong and drum were rung Chirico aims at torch of the offing very much, and dance boisterously in the whole sea.

Iidacho garden lantern mountain festival

Festival that garden lantern mountain for 16m in height, eight festival cars of total lacquering are bright. Unique lumber-carriers' work song (kyarage) sounds through downtown and enhances flavor of festival still more. Festival car parades in town until the middle of the night. We alias enjoy the cool air and worship

Tray of Ecchu straw clause Iida style

We are charmed by tone and performing the prayer's dance of Chinese fiddle, and volunteer of Iidacho, Suzu-shi reproduces tray of wind. Evening of dance to connect temple and mall is planned every year. Taste of Iidacho resembles taste of Yao closely…It is very popular saying "we remembered simple taste of the time when tray of wind was still anonymous".

Ferry boat Noh comedy

Takoshima Chirico Festival of Okunoto Suzu is autumn festival of kokurahikoshinsha with the history of 200 rest of life, and Chirico whom luxurious sculpture was put for by total lacquering is said to be beautiful conspicuously among Chirico of Noto. Ferry boat Noh comedy (prefecture designated immaterial folk cultural assets) to be carried out on the night of 11th is noted product of festival with valuable thing conveying bloom of Edo culture.

Autumn festival of servant of a Buddhist temple

It is autumn festival of Suzu Temple in Okunoto Misakimachijike, Suzu-shi. The Japan's biggest Chirico appears for this autumn festival, and, as for approximately 12 tatami, maximum thing has 16.5m in height, 4t in weight, size of roof. In addition to size, it is luxurious, beautiful Chirico decorated in gold leaf and carving by total lacquering. Night Chirico is beautiful, but, as for background and Chirico who did, it is sight by morning glow to go round all through the night in the town, and to follow until early in the morning.

Autumn festival of Shoin

Festival of *juhachibankyu in Okunoto Suzu-shi Shoin town. "Guy appearance" of youths dressed in original clothes performed on the second day is sight. We attach bell to dotera look of floral design and parade around downtown while youths who did makeup apron swing hair spear called shanga around by good shout of energy.

Autumn festival of Horyuumachiushima

Ujima is place with symbol Mitsukejima of Noto. Doll and hall are displayed on the festival car, and, as for the autumn festival of Ujima, five pieces of cloth called big rocky mountain covers the top. Children sing lumber-carriers' work song "kyarage" on eisan and derive festival car.

Autumn festival of Ueto

eisan three of approximately 8m in height that gave glory to doll parade the town gorgeously and turn around by autumn festival of Ueto. On eisan, children dressed in bright red kimono show lumber-carriers' work song "kyarage".

Autumn festival of Otani

When musical accompaniment with instruments of flute, drum of autumn festival of Otani stops during cruise like other gaiurajiku, there are three kinds when we enter and come back to each village after the shrine. Chirico parades led by village along the Daiya River, and, on the second day, boisterous dance of lion dance is carried out with miniature shrine cruise.

satorisetsu Festival

satorisetsu (prefecture designated immaterial folk cultural assets) tinged with plaintive tone that sings, and was inherited by workers of removed piece Shiota lets you look good and dances summer of Noto while enjoying reluctance of leaving pipe, fragrance of salt. Performance or folk art of drum are developed, too.

Evening of drum and dance

We plan exchange through ogre side drum and festival drum, traditional culture including folk song by event other than bathing resort and Kevin automatic campground proud of prefecture eminent transparency in summer in the last of rifuresshu village Hachigasaki with real resort hotel.

 Suzu decaeisan Festival 

16m in height restored after an interval of 50 years, fantastic decaeisan of 20t in weight. On the stage of Mitsukejima of midsummer, we begin to pull in great numbers while singing lumber-carriers' work song (kyarage) on sandy beach.

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