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Do you know pastime that gives poetic charm to color winter of Okunoto, "whitecaps?"

When underwater phytoplankton suffers hardship in winter angry waves with whitecaps and is nailed over rocky places, viscous liquid generates white bubble of soapiness and says phenomenon to dance by strong wind inside. Please admire bubble with caution enough to soak when clothes have it with shape such as meringue and whip cream. Wind is strong, and outbreak condition of whitecaps is said to be that wave is high.

Famous place is seen only from late November through late February at the shore of "waterfall of Tarumizu".


Tradition event "Aenokoto" which was authorized by Intangible Cultural Heritage of important intangible cultural property, the UNESCO of country. We mean "event, festival", and, "kyo (hospitality)," "thing" is tradition event of Okunoto giving thanks to guardian deity of a rice field "to meet".

As for the Aenokoto, "guardian deity of a rice field meeting" is carried out for "sending-off ceremony for a god of a rice field" and twice. On December 5 (guardian deity of a rice field meeting), invite guardian deity of a rice field to home, and is hospitality such as feast or bath, of thanks show respect. During winter, we have you take a rest slowly in the house and send guardian deity of a rice field out on February 9 (sending-off ceremony for a god of a rice field) before the cultivation.
When we send out, we have you take a bath again and offer feast. Behavior, a series of states to talk to are mysterious at all, and good old tradition of people living there is felt as if God is there.

Opening to the public is performed in Suzu-shi. Would you like to look at mysterious event to be handed down to this Okunoto district once?

Crab, angler which can taste compact taste by cold of Okunoto are particularly recommended. (Suzu Marukajiri campaign)
In addition, in Noto Don, we can taste seasonal ingredients at that time with bowl. It is good to luxurious lunch.

Crab dishes example

◇Until kano queen crab campaign period [from November 7 to the end of January]
King of winter taste that is landed at port of local Takoshima. We call queen crab from Ishikawa "kano queen crab". Please enjoy the finest taste that the body was firm.
◇Until angler, campaign period [from November 1 to March 31]
Angler does not have smell, and it is said that it is no good, and collagen is plentiful, too. Besides, it is very healthy. Please appreciate angler that kaku reta is fresh off Suzu.

Okunoto "Suzu Marukajiri" is performed in the accommodations and restaurant of the city support.
Detailed ┃ NPO corporation Noto Suzunari TEL 0768-82-4688

One Noto Don

Delicious "Noto Don" which settled meal of Okunoto that seafood and riches of the soil were rich to one container
We can eat Noto Don in all 11 stores in Suzu-shi.
The detailed ┃ Okunoto welcome project promotion meeting secretariat
〒929-2392 10-11-1, Miimachisue, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa (Ishikawa Okunoto synthesis office plan promotion inside of a section)
TEL: 0768-26-2303 FAX: 0768-26-2305

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