Suzu-shiSuzu-shi (SUZU CITY) Flower of city: Camellia
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It is located now: Top pageIt is guided living of the inside of thisIt is house of the inside of thisIs it country living rashishiteminke from Suzu of the inside of this?

Is it country living rashishiteminke from Suzu?

Is it country living rashishiteminke in point of Noto Peninsula from Suzu?

... which we wait, and living and others comply with in bell - Suzu-shi, Ishikawa which plays heart

Under recruitment of upper black dot share house residents!

One in hope of emigration, domiciliation to Suzu-shi is available.
There is space in one of three rooms now.

Rent 20,000 yen

Article New! for domiciliation

It is introduction of empty house information toward the thought by emigration, domiciliation to Suzu-shi

Live a little; system 

About "we live a little system" that trial living is possible in empty house
(during operational stop)

Empty house bank system 

About Suzu-shi empty house bank system

Emigration domiciliation promotion subsidy 

About rent assistance system to household where it is turned, and U I lives in lease house in Suzu-shi

Empty house repair costs subsidy

Empty house bank registration article about subsidy system to the purchase or one that rent, and is repaired

Empty house purchase costs subsidy 

About subsidy system to person who purchased empty house bank registration article

Suzu work navigator 

It is full of information about company and job offer in Suzu-shi

Position offer information search 

By HelloWork Internet service, we can read position offer information in Suzu-shi

Bell LIFE 

We deliver interview of people who emigrated to Suzu with video

Guide of living 

General information (various window duties, the welfare, education, public transport) about living in Suzu-shi


Access information to Suzu-shi
(bell sightseeing navigator net)


Collection of links

Of Noto Peninsula which almost stuck out of the center of the Sea of Japan is the highest, and is located, Mikata Suzu-shi, Ishikawa (do bell) among the seas.

It cannot be said that you may determine approximately two hours 30 minutes and the convenience to transportation by car from prefectural seat, Kanazawa-shi.

However, traditional living of rich satoyama and satoumi and people who should say oldness of Japan is now, but there remains here simply because it is such an area.

And heart to value good thing, genuine article from old days roots in people living there.

Latest information (last update date 2018/10/09)
  • One article information for domiciliation was released. [gaiura area] (2018. 10.09) New!
  • One article information for domiciliation was released. [tip area] (2018. 10.01)
  • Two article information for domiciliation was released. [cove area] (2018. 10.01)
  • It is recruiting residents of upper black dot share house (2017. 05.08)       
  • 75 number of the current public articles (buying and selling: 44 buying and selling or lease: 16 lease: 15) 
  • ◯111 sets of total use results of space karikatsuyojigyo 240 (2007 ...)
  • We added position offer information search (HelloWork Internet service). (2014. 12.24)            </LI>
  • We lived a little and reopened system. (2013. 10.15)
  • We lived a little and revised wage charges of article. (2013. 10.15)
  • "Suzu-shi empty house short stay system conduct summary" was enforced on July 1, 2011. ("we live a little structure of system" page)
  • "Suzu-shi empty house repair costs subsidy grant summary" was enforced on April 1, 2011. ("empty house repair costs subsidy" page)
  • Residential land building business business association and Suzu-shi concluded "agreement about administration of Suzu-shi empty house bank system" with one on March 29, 2011.
  • "Suzu-shi empty house bank system summary" was enforced on March 25, 2011. ("structure of empty house bank system" page)
  • Suzu-shi concluded "agreement about counselor dispatch cooperation to Suzu-shi space karikatsuyoseido" with Ishikawa association of residential land building business on March 30, 2009.
  • We launched homepage on February 19, 2007.

"Live a little"; toha

Person who "lives a little", and hopes for toha, emigration, domiciliation to Suzu-shi in Motoichi enters empty house in the city for a short term and says that we experience life. For full-scale emigration, domiciliation is, so to speak, "trial living".
(during operational stop)

Person from Suzu - I came to Suzu; ...


"We think that there is meaning to live in Suzu very much"


"We appreciate the present living"

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